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Travis Olsen

As a frontline civilian with the Department of Homeland Security I have seen how politics and partisanship create problems instead of solving them. Despite our differences, we can work together. I was raised by a Republican father and a Democratic mother so I know that family is more important than party. We need leaders who will put country over party.

I have always put service first, to the country not to any party or ideology. I’ve worked to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba at the US Embassy Havana and to help keep our border secure at the Department of Homeland while also treating people with dignity. There’s no Republican or Democratic way to serve our country. We deserve better and I can be the candidate to put country first.

Community has always played a huge part in my life. I grew up in the 2nd district and attended Spring Branch ISD schools – Westwood Elementary, Spring Oaks Middle and Spring Woods High. Growing up my dad was my little league coach and my parents took me to local service projects. As a family we would watch “A Christmas Carol” at the Alley Theater each year.

Now I’m also raising my kids in the district where they attend school in Klein ISD. I volunteer on the Klein ISD leadership council, have coached my daughter’s soccer teams and help out with my kids’ swim team. And I’ve continued the tradition of taking my family to the Alley Theater at Christmastime as well.

My entire career has been in public service as an attorney, advocate and frontline civilian. I am running not to play political games or pull on people’s fears with empty promises but to talk sense to people about the real problems we face and what we can do about them. Working the Department of Homeland Security over the past three years, I have seen how partisanship influences policies and in turn affects people. I saw children taken from their parents and sent across the country and send asylum-seekers, people fleeing persecution in their home countries, left in Mexico at the hands of the cartels. This is not who we are as a country. America has always been a refugee for the persecuted and oppressed.

For me, I could no longer be part of a this Administration’s failed and ineffective immigration policies. I felt that I had to stand up and speak out.

I am running for Congress to say that polarization, dividing our country with fear and partisanship is wrong. We need leaders with the courage to not do what is best or convenient for themselves but what is best for their constituents, communities and the country. And that is why I am running, not to be a career politician looking for fame and glory, but to serve and protect this country, its citizens and our rights.